We Are a Tribe

Screen Shot 2015-08-18 at 1.07.30 AM

We are a tribe. Connected with the plants and the animals and the stars. One is not greater than the other — we are all One. Breathing, taking and giving, life. In and out. Dusk to dawn. Birth and death. The cycle always flows. We must support one another, give when it’s called for, and receive when it’s time. The water of life flows through each and every one of us, up from the soils of the Earth, pulsating through our veins with the steady drum of our beating hearts, up through our crown into the sky, where our mothers and fathers fly.

Oh Great Spirit, with the wind at your feet and your feathers glowing a multitude of colors, with swift wings to take flight, and a heart that heals our planet, may we be like you; to give our gifts, and sing our song. The ferries, the nymphs, the angels, the gods, forever singing and dancing our planet into existence and evolution, changing and growing more beautiful with every tune. Teach us how to fly. Spread our wings. Embrace our power. Show up fully, ever present.

Celestial Beings that we are — let us always grow in love, release attachments, and swim in the seas of the love eternal. For when more souls join in the song, the One body can transform our planet into Love, our universe, for all eternity. The music lives on.


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