Full Moon in Capricorn: A Meditation


Dance with the fire

A dance with the outer world

Drink in the sun, and dance with the moon

You are a child of Mother Nature

Take advantage of her beautiful gifts

I am fire. Spirited, wild, passionate — free.

I create. I lead. I am a vessel to the divine to come and play.

I am a muse: dancing, writing, singing and bleeding the world.

The collective human experience: I feel it all.

Joy, sorrow, anger, jealousy, guilt, lust & love.

Don’t fight what’s here. Dance in it. Feel it all. It’s a safe space.

Music is the universal language that unites our souls

without us even having to know one another or the words.

It’s a high expression of love, of feeling. Create more music. Be it. Live it.

Love is the music of the heart. And it’s always there.

You don’t need to seek it. Just ask for it: be it.

Sing your beautiful song, and you do not need permission.

The blue is the sea, the introspective, the heartbreakingly sad, the quiet, the deep.

When it sings its beautiful melody, it’s the most beautiful song ever heard.

Let her speak.


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