Friday Favorites

With my chronic travel itch and curiosity, I always seem to be scouting out the next best place to visit or live. May this California-inspired post bring you warmth and joy in this seemingly endless cold season.

coachella pic
coachella chic; Vogue

Every year I read up on–and greatly envy–Coachella goers. Currently in between the music festival’s first and second weekend, I avidly peruse fashion blogs to see who wore what; which usually involves some sort of Native American or 1960s-inspired garb. Listening to amazing music while strolling around in California weather dressed as a hippie with no shame? Have we met?

Family of the Year
Family of the Year

Newest band on rotation–Family of the Year. It’s as if this indie-pop group was dug up straight from California soil during the Civil Rights era. Think The Drums meets The Mamas & the Papas. Be sure to check out “Hero” and “St. Croix”.

Sprouted Kitchen
Sprouted Kitchen

After some recent news of several food intolerances and truly being sick of feeling sick, I have had to completely makeover my diet. And to that, much of it involves preparing food at home and possibly–gasp–cooking. Thank God for cook books! Sprouted Kitchen delivers daily recipes, tips and tricks for delectably healthy eating. I just bought the recipe book and can’t wait to get tasting!

lips; Vogue
lips; Vogue

Gorgeous shot that features the perfect red lip. My current favorite: Laura Mercier “Scarlet” lip stain for a slightly more subdued/burgundy tone.

San Francisco;
San Francisco

I’ve been to most major cities in the U.S.: LA, DC, Miami and even took a stab at NYC for a whole year and a half. But never have I been to San Francisco–a place where I might just think would be my perfect city. I just planned a 9-day trip for my birthday late in the summer and I couldn’t be more excited. A big city with a laid back attitude may be just what I need for my next adventure, or maybe even, my next residence. xx


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