Tea Party

Tea cups, florals, and brightly painted porcelain china have been customary in the U.S. ever since Blair Waldorf took her first bite of a macaron on “Gossip Girl” or when Tim Burton brought Alice in Wonderland to life by creating a theatrical, well-cast fantastical version suitable for children and adults.

Having spent a memorable summer in London, I learned to admire high tea, delectable pasteries (adopted by France), and of course, the pleasantries of male suitors that surpassed American men for the time being.

Whether you enjoy tea for its health benefits, or like me, have a horribly agonizing sweet tooth, tea time can be enjoyable for both food connoisseurs and the fashionable-minded. With tea rooms popping up all around New York, like Lady Mendi’s Tea Salon, 56 Irving place, and presumably coming to a city near you, here are some treats and trinkets to set the mood.

1. David’s Tea Sweet Indulgence, gift box set of 12
2. Macy’s teacup
3. Anthropologie Watercolor Petals Dinner Plate
4. Tocca Bianca Candle, Green Tea & Lemon
5. Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland & Through the Looking Glass by Lewis Carroll
6. Laduree Macarons


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