Friday Favorites

Long time, no see! Sorry it’s been several weeks since I have updated my blog–I’ve literally been more busy this summer than last semester–waitressing and working for The UDK.

Upon completion of my class in July, I will be officially done with school. That being said, I have received some very exciting news and am hoping to move to New York in the fall.

While tirelessly job searching every day, I also want to get my health in check before any move.

I have recently been seeing an acupuncturist. She sat down with me for an hour and discussed my ailments. I then preceeded to get pricked by thin needles, which actually turned out to be relaxing. She said I needed to make some serious life changes as well. For instance: go to bed early. I have been finding this to be easier as I have early classes.

The big one: NO COFFEE. As many of you know, I am usually known as a night person, therefore when I get up in the morning, I rely on my coffee to start my day. I am on Day 2 without coffee. She said I need to avoid all stimulants, but I sort of cheated yesterday. I had approximately one and a half bottles of Diet Coke. I must say, I didn’t feel better after I drank them.

This morning, I made myself some green tea. I am going to try working out in the mornings, which she suggested, to wake myself up.

I am doing an article on alternative medicine in The Kansan, so more to be reported later.

My current obsessions:


Have a fun Friday and a fabulous weekend!


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