A week without dairy

Having an addiction is human. There’s people addicted to cigarettes, alcohol, shopping or playing video games. I happen to be addicted to dairy–mainly white cheese dip.

Being a quarter Spanish, I grew up infatuated with Latin, Spanish and South American food. Any food with cheese or spice I will drool over. After I went to El Mez in Lawrence for my first rendezvous of Thursday night dollar margaritas, as I always do at any Mexican restaurant, I ordered cheese dip. Once the white, warm dip hit my mouth I fell in love. I slowly kept coming back every Thursday for cheap, strong margaritas and savory, incredible tasting cheese dip.

Several weeks later, as the end of the school year was approaching, I would come home after a day of class or my internship, sit down on the couch and watch one of the most obnoxious reality TV shows possible.

Then it hit me.

“Do I want to get off the couch?” “Do I have 7 dollars to buy a large cup of white cheese dip?”

I looked at the clock and it’s before 10 p.m.; the restaurant was still open. I got in my car quickly, turned the key in the ignition and drove two blocks to my personal haven. I walked in the restaurant with the smell of cheese and spice wafting in my nostrils. I definitely did not regret my decision.

Thirty minutes later and I had consumed a cup and a half of pure cheese. I feel bloated yet satisfied. I wanted more.

And did I get more–almost every other day.

This is when my addiction to cheese dip took a turn for the worst. Having a dairy intolerant problem running in my family, I frequently get headaches and stomach issues when I eat dairy. Frozen yogurt, milk, ice cream, cheese dip–the one thing that makes me feel sick is something that, at that same time, makes me feel amazing.

After a long chat with my cousin who shares the same dairy problem as me–an addiction and intolerance–I decided to go cold turkey…for a week.

Every day, I will chart how I am doing without my soon-to-be long lost love. And trust me–it won’t be easy. Just searching for a picture of cheese dip to post on the website made me drool.


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