Where the boys are

Facial hair, ripped skinny jeans, black bracelets, tattoos, and hair that grazes the brows…these words come to mind when I think of boys in a band.

When I was informed that The Plain White T’s were coming into the radio station yesterday, I immediately went to the bathroom and checked myself out in the mirror…my hair was a mess and I had a stain on my pants–figures. Not even knowing what they look like, the fact that these individuals are in a band gave me butterflies. I don’t know if it’s the dress, care-free attitude, or the fact that these gentlemen sing or play an instrument–I am a sucker for guys who are in bands.

The following studs are all my favorite go-to band badasses that both men and women drool over.

Jared Leto

Those piercing blue eyes and that earth-shattering voice, Jared Leto is probably one of the best multi-talented performers around. Leto sings, song-writes, acts, directs, produces, etc. He appeared in movies such as Fight Club and Requiem for a Dream and is the lead singer of my favorite band, 30 Seconds to Mars. He writes songs and produces and his resume is probably ten pages long. This unique character has an ever-changing style from his hair to his black eyeliner. This dude defines what it means to be equally sexy and talented.

The following fashion-bits are from Polyvore, a go-to site for fashion inspiration and beautiful layouts.

Jared leto

Jared leto by αlin featuring sunglasses

Jared leto by αlin featuring a black shoulder bag

Brandon Boyd

Ahhh…don’t you love shirtless lead singers? Brandon Boyd is the cultivator of the 20-year running band, Incubus, and he not only sings but also song-writes, plays guitar and percussion. This 35-year-old looker  also writes books; with two published, White Fluffy Clouds and From the Murks of the Sultry Abyss. Boyd also paints in Los Angeles and Incubus is set to release their seventh studio album this year. Their new single, Adolescents, is nothing short of what is expected from this iconic band.

Brandon Boyd draws on a canvas for TOMS Shoes



Johnny Depp

There’s no need to explain why Johnny Depp is irresistible or why he is the number one man on my list. And yes, Depp was actually a band guy before he began acting. After being in numerous garage bands and having a short-lived record deal with band Six Gun Method, Johnny found his way into acting and has been wooing women in movie theaters worldwide since 1984. This father of two and nearly 50-year-old icon will never go out of style.

And just ‘cuz it’s Johnny, I’ll put several Polyvore layouts on here–you’re welcome.

Inspired by Johnny………………….. by mikomikos featuring metal earrings

7/50: Johnny Depp

7/50: Johnny Depp by lulli101 featuring lace handbags


Pete Wentz

This boy next door-heartthrob is famous for his debut in Fall Out Boy; the band that sort of introduced alternative music into the pop world. The 31-year-old is father of baby Bronx with ex-wife, Ashlee Simpson. After a bumpy start with his failed attempt at suicide, Wentz has worked through many projects and has turned to his passion of music and writing as an outlet. He also gives back; he is an avid supporter of Invisible Children that provides relief to northern Ugandan refugees and uneducated children.

Wentz also pitched in on opening a nightclub that occupies New York and Chicago called Angels & Kings. His constant strive at bettering himself and the community make him lovable and cute when he’s singing or playing the guitar.


Wentz playing at a show in his latest band, Black Cards

Some other rock hotties include:

Brendon Urie

Panic! At the Disco lead singer

Chris Martin

Coldplay lead singer

Jordan & Keith Buckley

Vocals and guitar for Every Time I Die

The fact that these men have creative talent AND good looks is a major turn-on. Hopefully this fact won’t let their heads get too big.


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