Rachel Bilson–Modern Fashion Icon

Every girl has a favorite celebrity that they admire. Sometimes it’s their talent, their beauty or their style. My personal favorite fashionista-Rachel Bilson.

The 5-foot-2, 29-year-old starred in one of the most popular prime-time TV shows in the early 2000s, The OC, where she played Summer, a character who started out as a gorgeous mean girl that transformed into the sweet, spunky girlfriend of the witty geek we all love, Seth, played by Adam Brody. Her character’s transformation didn’t stop at her behavior; the star sported a more vintagy, boho-trendy wardrobe that made her character classy and unique.

After The OC abruptly ended, Rachel’s acting career slowly panned out; she starred in movies like Jumper and The Last Kiss. She also began her own affordable fashion line through DKNY entitled Edie Rose, which was allegedly named after her grandmother and her on-and-off again beau, Hayden Christensen’s, grandmother. The designer also writes a fashion column in InStyle every month. I think  it is safe to say that Rachel is now viewed more as a fashion symbol than as a mega-famous movie star.

I can relate to Rachel because of her petite frame and boho and pulled-together look that I truly admire. She never goes as far as Lady Gaga that screams, “look at me!” yet she never stands unnoticed. The actress/designer takes a trend and makes it her own, and that’s what sets her apart from the rest. She only wears what looks good on her, and did I mention her always-stagger shoes?

Rachel’s humble demeanor, her leadership in fashion and her graceful presence is what truly makes her an icon.

Here are some of my favorite looks by Rachel:

To achieve that Bilson-blissful look, shop at her Edie Rose line at dkny.com.


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