Save it for a Rainy Day

It’s almost April and I haven’t seen the sun  since I got back from my trip to Mexico. Although I am a bit disappointed and  sullen, I am going to transform this dull situation into a positive one. Whether rainy days make you sleepy or make you productive, here are some ideas on how to turn your grey day bright.

For those who would rather sit on the couch and relax than do anything productive, follow these steps to get the most out of your rainy day:

Step 1: Get as comfortable as possible. Put on your most comfy pair of sweats and sweatshirt, no matter how frumpy it looks.

Step 2: Turn on as many lights in the house to liven things up, or for a more relaxing, romantic mood, light some candles.

Step 3: Brew your favorite coffee or tea to warm up and as a reminder to take the day slowly.

Step 4: Many people think of reading on rainy days, which is great! But many people aren’t big readers–I suggest those people pick out your guiltiest pleasure TV season(s), mine being Gossip Girl, Sex and the City or Real Housewives of Orange County, and plop on the couch and celebrate the fact that you don’t have to use your brain for an entire day.

Step 5: It’s your day off! Keep your cell phone on silent, keep that laptop stowed and turn your rainy day into a personal day.

For those who feel like they always need to get something done or could use this indoor time to catch up on paying bills, catching up with family or finishing up some work, go for it!

Step 1: Wear comfortable clothing, but clothing you would want to be seen it. If you get too comfortable, you may not be as motivated to get work done.

Step 2: Blast your favorite work music. When I study, I usually try to listen to mellow or classical music. Anything from Jack Johnson to Mozart to Miles Davis-as long as it keeps you focused.

Step 3: If you are going to be working on your laptop, find a clear space, like a big, empty table to work with. If your workspace is cluttered with mail and bills, it will make you more anxious and not as focused.

Step 4: Keep cell phones on. Even though it can be distracting, you may need it for work and it can also be a good study/work break when a friend calls.

Step 5: Try to avoid social media sites like Twitter or Facebook. Even though (and I am guilty of this), many people use them as study breaks, sometimes we forget how long we spend on those sites and we can end up spending an hour on a study break when all we really needed was 10 minutes.

Step 6: After your work is finished, reward yourself. Bake your favorite cookies, order some Chinese food or rent a movie, or all three! Rewarding yourself at the end of the day makes you focus better and there is an incentive for you to get your work done.

Can’t work at home? When I have a paper or story due, I usually go to my favorite coffee shop with free wi-fi. As long as  you buy something small, like a cup of coffee or a scone, there shouldn’t be a problem with you camping out there all day. This keeps you away from distractions at home, like TV, your pet or roommates.

Rainy days are also a perfect opportunity to start new projects; like finally cleaning that kitchen, starting a scrapbook or re-arranging your bedroom. Just make sure to make the tasks not too daunting so you will actually complete them.

Attached? Rainy days can be one of the most romantic days with your significant other. Curl up in bed and watch a movie, or catch up on some zzz’s together. Or, if you want more interaction, tackle a project together, like cooking The Food Network’s “Barefoot Contessa” recipe or taking some cheesy couples pictures. This can make you not only not dread rainy days, but look forward to them.

See, the rainy day isn’t looking so bad anymore. If it’s not too cold out, sometimes a run in the rain is the best revitalizer. Take what Mother Nature gave you and go with it.

Here’s the perfect rainy day song, enjoy.


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