Holiday in the Sun

“Il dolce far niente” is Italian for “the sweetness of doing nothing.” That’s what I plan on doing in less than two weeks–absolutely nothing. Except for soaking up some rays and sipping on mojitos. Oh, and hopefully sweet talking a cute lifeguard. Spring Break is almost here, and I expect everyone to take full advantage.

As work is starting to pile up, just remember that Spring Break is just upon us. For those of you who are beginning to rip your hair out and bite on the tips of your pens–relax. You are soon to be free of papers, projects or work. Even if you have no destination but the quarters of the four walls of your living room, put down the jumbo coffee cup, your laptop and cell phone, and bask in your own glory of no responsibilities for an entire week.

Faccia come gli italiani fanno–do as the Italians do.


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